Benefits of Honey

Honey tastes great and is good for your health!

Reasons why you should incorporate honey in your diet and why it’s great for your health:

  • 1 Honey boosts your energy level.
    Honey causes a good kind of sugar rush to perk up a person. If you’re feeling in a slump, eating or mixing honey with your drink is a great way to stay smart and alert. Upon consumption, glucose is released into the bloodstream, which is used by the body for a quick energy jolt. provides you fuel over a longer duration of time.

    It prevents muscle fatigue so it is great for athletes who don’t want to hit the wall or feel burnt out.

  • 2 Honey boosts the immune system and helps with allergies.
    Honey keeps you healthy inside and out by acting as an antioxidant and antiseptic. It improves the performance of your digestive tract, thus helping you eliminate toxins from the body effectively. This is the reason why honey can alleviate some cases of allergies, which are generally caused by toxins and other foreign bodies. Most of all, honey fights free radicals in the body and keeps your sugar levels in check.

  • 3 Honey aids weight loss.
    Honey is a simple carbohydrate which means it is easily digested and converted into energy by the body. Honey is also rich with vitamins and nutrients that speed up your metabolism. These vitamins and minerals prevent your body from dipping into your body’s stored nutrients, and when your body runs of these nutrients, the metabolism of stored fats slows down. Also, one of the time-honored methods of losing weight involves the use of honey. It’s been said that a way to help keep weight off is to drink warm water mixed with a teaspoon of raw honey along with the juice from one lemon on an empty stomach.

  • 4 Honey as a home remedy for various types of ailments.
    When ingested or applied topically, honey can provide a wide array of benefits to a person. Because of its antiseptic properties, honey is proven to cure soothe sore throat, hastens the healing of wounds and cuts, yeast infections, as well as athlete’s foot.

    Honey is also great for people battling arthritis as it prevents the swelling and inflammation of joints. As an arthritic medication, honey can be made into a paste mixed with water and cinnamon and be applied directly to the swelling joints and muscles. Honey can also be mixed with warm water and cinnamon powder to make a drink that should be taken at least twice daily. This can also help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.

    Other medicinal effects of honey include alleviating a hangover and inducing sleep. Mixed with orange juice and yogurt, a teaspoon of honey can get rid of nasty hangovers. If you’re also finding some troubles sleeping, a spoonful of honey mixed with milk or chamomile tea can make you relax and feel sleepy.